Exclusive tours with private driver

A proposal dedicated to small groups of travellers,  to those that don’t want to drive but enjoy the stunning views of Umbria, those who hate parkings, those who drive only on the right side of the road, those who think the narrow winding roads are just a nightmare …


your private driver for private transfers, tours, winetours, shopping tours – in Umbria, Italy, Europa.


a private driver IS NOT a qualified tourist guide, UNLESS he has got the official certification.

He drives you along, BUT HE IS NOT QUALIFIED to do walking tours, describe monuments, art, museums etc. except for VERY SUPERFICIAL information en route.

He is only responsible for his car, he drops you off in the city center and picks you up at the end of your visit, he MUST wait near the car.

The Italian Law requires that only Qualified Tourist Guides are authorized to do walking tours, describe monuments, churches, museums …

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