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Wine and Oil Roads of Umbria

A scenic drive into the Umbrian countryside, we visit Francesco’s or Luigi’s or Monica’s farm. They wellome us into their winery, telling stories about winemaking. Also a guided wine tasting follows, with various selections of reds, whites, passito of Umbria. Pic-nic lunch in vineyard is quite unique!

Groups over 10 p. can ask for workshops, such as painting with wine, winetherapy, cosmetics with oliveoil …

Cooking class

Hands-on culinary workshops in private kitchens. Umbrian women open their house and share family recipes, local dishes … lots of fun!

Slowfood in Wine restaurant

1. Guided wine tasting with a professional sommelier, a selection of Reds and Whites of Umbria and a light lunch on route.

2. A different dinner in winery, excellent food, organic, on-season, prepared with professionality and passion. Wine selection and food pairing by a sommelier.

Porkbutcher for a day from 10 p.

Gino, the porkbutcher, helps us to make our own sausages that we bring home with us. Also the best tasting from the mounatins: lentils, spelt, coldcuts, cheese, truffle.

Cheesemaking from 10 p.

Cheesemaker for a day, according to the old tradition, with an expert cheesemaker. We bring back stories to tell and the flavours of ancient times.

Also a stop is worth, just to taste fresh ricotta, pecorino cheese, fresh meat.

Truffle hunting

A walk with Alberto and his dogs, seeking truffles upon the umbrian hills. On the way back, Alberto’s wife and other Mamas, overwhelm us with rich handmade delicacies.

Also … don’t miss The Saffron Route, Lake Trasimeno Beans (Fagiolina), Trevi Black Sellery!

These daytrips also offer the chance to discover hidden corners of Umbria, quaint and cosy hamlets, enjoy old times atmospheres, admire art masterpieces, live  quite a lifestyle!

Please e-mail me to plan your personal and tasty Food&Wine Route

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