Educational and cultural tours

The whole world is a book, those who don’t travel, only read a page   (S. Agostino)

I also organize customized school trips for schools of any type and grade. Due to my experience as a teacher and an aptitude to deal with children and teenagers, I can develop interactive and dinamic itineraries according to the teachers’ planning.

Here are some suggestions:

Art and landscape: emotions of an artist

– Saints of Umbria

– Castles, Fortresses, Abbeys

– Arts and Crafts: pottery, steinglass, weaving

– Rural life in Umbria

– Waters of Umbria: tales from the River and the Lake

– Life in the Mountains: shepherds, beekeepers, watermills

– Train trips back and forth Umbria

– Walking Umbria alternative ways to know the enivironment and how man interacted through the centuries

I can  suggest nice and cheap selected accomodation and some other activities after the excursions

Please contact me to customize your next school-field trip or educational tour

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