È rosa la pietra del Subasio:
Te lo dice quella cosa
piccola, che è l'eremo di S. Elia.
E anche il sole, che sul piccolo cubo rosa
si posa
e gioisce. Intorno, un giardino
di papaveri e grano
e lui si posa piano
sulle bianche aiuole
di margherite al sole.

In confronto ad altre regioni d'Italia,
l'Umbria può apparire troppo raccolta in sè,
troppo avvolta nel silenzio,
troppo pura o "contemplativa".
Ma c'è una forza dentro
(A. Capitini)

Fino a dove arriva lo sguardo,
si vedono vigneti sorretti dagli olmi,
e soprattutto sui pendii l'olivo grigio,
il cui pallore argenteo quasi lunare,
ben si accorda con la dolcezza del cielo... proprio la vigna e l'olivo
danno al paesaggio umbro il suo fascino sereno e tenero
(R. Schneider)

Tornare ad apprezzare la tavola, non solo per quello che offre,
ma anche per le opportunità che attorno ad essa si creano:
in Umbria mangiare è un momento importante nel quale ciascuno arricchisce se stesso,
scopre di poter conversare e si riappropria di una parte del proprio tempo,
disperso con troppa indifferenza e troppa fretta nelle frenetiche metropoli

Montefargu è 'na forte e bella valia
che t'allatta e te da sugu divinu,
un latte arinomatu in tutta Italia,
un latte che se chiama Sacrantinu
e, dello, sughi sempre e vai a risusci...
finchè li nasi non se fanno rusci

Dreaming in Umbria

A land to discover

Green landscapes, breathtaking views, towns rich in history. Any corner of Umbria fullfills your expectations. Follow me to experience this magic land.

Go back to a natural rythm

In Umbria you can still experience natural rythms. Each month and season has got its own peculiarities, the life in the country is still regulated by seeding, harvesting, vintage. Choose Umbria to experience and taste a unique life style

Come to Umbria

A land of history and tradition, a land of Saints. My various and hidden itineraries invite you to live a unique tour of this region that will fascinate you indeed
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Emotion first, only afterwards, knowledge! (P. Gauguin)
Tours and excursions
All tours (walking tours, museums, fod&wine tours,local market tours) are introduced by wide information about history, art, general culture as well as anecdotes and stories that concern the locals in deep. This helps you to feel much closer and integrated with the hosting community.
Happy Cooking - cooking lessons Happy Cooking - cooking lessons
Happycooking homecooking lessons and activity holidays, for one or mulitple days, to experience Italian homecooking traditions, local and typical products.
Educational and cultural tours
I also organize customized school trips for schools of any type and grade, with interactive and dinamic itineraries according to the teachers’ planning.
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Transfers and transportations
On request I can organize transfers and meet you at your landing airports in Italy, trainstations or other cities, with minvan or car guided by professional driver. At your disposal to plan and manage your personal tour at the best.
I can suggest you many accomodation for any type of request. Hotel, B&b, Agrotours, any of these categories are selected to offer you the highest quality of hospitality according to your personal expecations.
We propose restaurants out of the conventional touristic routes, to offer you the best of the local cuisine, in a very cosy and convivial atmosphere, tasting excellent food and good wines, according to the most genuine Italian and Umbrian tradition!


Umbria: the Green Heart of Italy, The Region of 100 towns, The Region of the Waters, Mistic and Warrior …
There are many words associated to Umbria that prove its various interpretations and offers
I thought of many suggestions and ideas for my itineraries that can always combine to experience culture, art, nature, food, spirit …
Read them and please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss together your own itinerary and find the perfect solution for making your tour of Umbria an unforgettable experience

Who I am

I am a qualified Tourist Guide for the Region Umbria, with a long lasting experience as a Tourist Guide, Tour Manager, Director of Travel Agency and a Teacher of Foreign Languages.
I speak fluent English and professional Spanish.
According to a longlasting experience, I prefer managing small groups to offer a better quality service, but any type of guests are wellcome.
I am also very fond of cooking and of food traditions, in my cooking class you also have the opportunity to learn and taste the best of Umbrian cuisine, try my gourmet tours!
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Through the association AltraUmbria, that I cofounded, we promote responsible and accessible tourism, besides activities for young people such as Summer camps and special projects
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Ciao, vorrei mettere in risalto la tua professionalità, la tua scrupolosità, la passione con cui svolgi il tuo lavoro;… e sono molto soddisfatta del tuo atteggiamento molto decoroso, valorizzandoci come le altre persone.
Daniela, I wanted to take this opportunity and thank you for the work you did with my group. The tour leader said that you did excellent work and I really appreciate it. I hope you have a blessed day!God Bless,
Maria, USA
Como estas Daniela, Claro que tenemos un muy bonito recuerdo ! Gracias por todo Con cariño.
Mariaje, Mexico

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