Experience Umbria

You may choose to visit Umbria for its gorgeous environment, for the good quality of life, for culture and events, good food … each aspect is a good excuse to spend a holiday in this beautiful region, expecially when you can experience a mixture of all.

My itineraries are customized and give you a wide perspective of what Umbria and the Umbrians are like.

Umbria is small but variuos, going from the smooth hills of Trasimeno Lake, to the gorgeous valleys of the Appennines, the hilltowns, the Tiber Valley, Perugia, the capital, Assisi, the Wine Roads, Gubbio, Orvieto … , each of these places offers a different experience as if it were in a long distance. In every itinerary you see, meet, taste, learn.

Read about my suggestions and pick up your personal tour of Umbria.

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